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Laser Hair Removal Entire Body for Mens

Body / March 3, 2020

excess-body-hair-men-laser-therapie-bShaving does not cost money, right? Waxing costs less than laser treatments too, right? These are just some of the justifications men often use to avoid laser hair removal. Most assume that the cost of shaving or waxing is still cheaper than laser removal. If this is what you have been telling yourself, you are actually wasting money and time.

Laser hair removal can help you save money – a lot of money. In fact, you may be surprised at just how much you save when you sit down and calculate.

To answer that, you need to compare all of the costs that you encounter without laser hair removal. Just some of those costs include:

1. Razors – These are never inexpensive, even if you purchase the cheapest disposable razor in the market. To get a clean, close shave without irritation or a rash, you have to spend a lot of money, and over the course of one year, you could easily spend hundreds.

2. Shaving Cream – To maximise the benefits of your razor and prevent irritation, you need a good quality shaving cream too. Most men that shave daily will go through a bottle or tube of shaving cream once a week to once every other week, and that cost adds up.

3. Waxing Sessions – For that unwanted body hair, you will visit a clinic for a good waxing session. While it only costs a few hundred per year, over five years, you could spend several thousand on something that is not even a permanent solution.

For men, laser hair removal is definitely affordable and in the long-term scheme of things, you will save more by enduring six to eight removal treatments than a lifetime of shaving and waxing. In fact, chest and stomach treatments start as low as £133 and full beard treatments as low as £108 per treatment.

A Few More Benefits to Consider
If you are still not convinced by the price, consider this:

You will not have to wake up and shave anymore. Imagine waking up in the morning to a clean, fresh shaven face each day. No more allotting 10 to 20 minutes to shave and groom. It is already done!

You do not have to deal with skin irritation and cuts. After you shave, you may experience razor burn irritation, shaving cream rashes or nasty cuts. When you wax, you could be left with irritated little bumps on the skin for days. With laser hair removal, there are no more bumps or irritation.

You can treat your entire body. Laser hair removal does not just work on the face. You can also treat your neck, back, chest, stomach, legs, and arms. If you have been spending your time waxing or shaving these areas, you can already tell just how much hassle it will save you to have the hair permanently removed.

Get an estimate and explore your hair-free options today by meeting with the team at Therapie Clinic. With our medical-grade lasers, we guarantee terrific results and we offer free consultations so you can discover just how the laser treatment will benefit you without any risk.