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Laser Hair Removal on Scrotum for Mens

Portable Hair Removal / March 8, 2014

Laser hair removal in atlanta How To Choose A Laser Hair Removal Specialist In Atlanta

Believe it or not, the most important question you can ask a provider is, “Do you own your own lasers?” That will be a signal of commitment and investment in time and training. You should also ask, “What kind of lasers do you use?”

Not All Hair Removal Lasers Are Created Equal

Our Cutera® Laser System uses a long wavelength that penetrates deeper into the hair root, which results in greater permanent hair reduction or removal, not just a temporary “stunning” of the hair follicle. It also effectively removes unwanted facial and body hair in patients of all skin types — from the fairest to the darkest skin color. Many other systems cannot be used to treat dark-skinned patients.laser hair removal atlanta Georgia Our treatments are also more comfortable than many other hair removal lasers, in part because of the built-in cooling mechanism in the laser hand piece.
Patients can expect to see 10 to 20 perecent less hair growth/density with each treatment. Therefore, 75 to 90 percent or more hair removal can be achieved with a recommended series of six to eight treatments in most areas. The hair follicles that are destroyed are gone or reduced permanently.
The Second Most Important Question You Should Ask
“What’s your specialty?” You absolutely must go to somebody who understands the skin. Laser hair removal is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. Not only does your Atlanta provider have to choose the right light and settings for your particular skin type and hair characteristic, they have to calibrate it continuously during the session.
And The Third Most Important Question…
“How long have you been doing laser hair removal in Atlanta?” You want someone with years of experience who has taken a rigorous training course, not just a sales rep’s half-afternoon show-and-tell.