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Portable Hair Removal / June 8, 2021

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The Most Effective Treatments with the Newest, Fastest Laser in the World:

Contrary to popular belief, laser hair removal technologies are not all the same and are continuously evolving, just like any other technology. What was the best laser technology a couple of years ago may now be outdated, and many clinics are still using older lasers in order to amortise their investment on them, and some other low cost franchises are using second hand lasers in order to reduce their costs.

Our laser technology is the newest and used by the largest laser clinics in Europe and worldwide, and now is available exclusively at UNIQUE LASER clinics. Not all lasers and treatments are the same, more effective and faster treatments means you will save money and time overall.

1. Why we provide the Most Effective Treatments:

The effectiveness of a laser for hair removal depends on two main parametres:
1) The Wavelength and 2) The Fluence of energy to eliminate the hair.
1) The Diode laser wavelength has been scientifically proven to be the optimal for all skin types, including dark and tanned skin, unlike other wavelengths such as Candela Alexandrite that can’t treat tanned or darker skin; or the ND:Yag which is good for dark skin but less effective in white skin.

2) In terms of Fluence of energy our lasers are unbeatable. Facts: our lasers can provide up to 30 Jules in a 21mm spot size, whereas others such as Candela alexandrite lasers can only provide 20 Jules in 18mm spot size (over 33% less).

2. Why we provide the Fastest Treatments:

Our lasers are the fastest in the world. Facts: our lasers deliver 4 pulses per second of 30 Jules in a 21mm spot size, whereas others such as Candela alexandrite can only provide 2 pulses per second of 20 Jules in a 18mm spot size (50% less pulses, 33% less energy and smaller spot). This means that our treatments are faster and more effective as they provide the double of laser pulses in the same amount of time in a larger spot size.

3. We provide a Free patch test prior to your first treatment:

As every person is different our laser experts include a previous free patch test with your treatments in order to optimise your settings for your first session and get the best results –not just apply the same settings for everyone, like many other clinics do.

4. We are an award winning laser clinic:

Our team of laser experts and superior technology have been trusted by thousands because we provide the best results – see why clients keep on referring us. Getting the best results means that you will save money and time overall with our treatments, and this is our commitment to our clients. Don’t make the mistake of just looking at single session prices.

Book a free consultation at any of our Unique Laser clinics in Doncaster, Melbourne or Geelong.

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Free Patch Test prior to your first treatment for optimum results from first session

Before & After a Diode Laser Treatment

These photographs were taken using the epiluminescence method where it is possible to see the hair follicles even when they are not on the surface of the skin.

Understand Diode Laser Hair Removal in 5 minutes

See this video to have a better understanding of laser hair removal and its advantages:

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• How does laser hair removal work?

The laser transmits energy in a pure red light that is absorbed by the melanin of the hair. It is converted into heat in the root of the hair, which eliminates the cells responsible for hair growth. The pure red coloured light is the most effective to destroy the hair cells, which is why diode laser is so effective treatment for hair removal.

See also our video “Understand laser hair removal in 5m”.

• What is the difference between laser and IPL?

IPL is not a laser and is significantly less effective than laser for permanent hair removal.

• Are all types of lasers the same?

No, our lasers have the highest power in the market in order to eliminate the hair growth cells more effectively and with faster treatments, and unlike other types of lasers our lasers can treat all skin types, even suntanned skin. The other main difference between lasers is the way the device cools the skin during treatment, which affects comfort levels and the level of protection for the skin. Our lasers are one of the few lasers that uses a fully integrated ultra-cold sapphire tip that is constantly in contact with the skin during the whole treatment, meaning the treatment is nearly painless and skin is highly protected . Most other lasers just have a separate tip that only cools the skin after the laser shot.

• Does your laser treatment provide permanent results? How many sessions are required?

Yes, most people will need an average of 6-10 sessions to get rid of the majority of the hair. The treatment works by targeting hair in the active growth phase, and since hair grows at various stages in the cycle, several sessions are necessary to disable all the follicles in a given area. The results depend on the area being treated and can be influenced by gender, age and hormones.

• Is your laser hair removal painful?

Treatments with our lasers are nearly painless, as they have an ultra-cooling sapphire tip up to -4 degrees for skin protection and extra comfort, with many patients experiencing no pain at all. A numbing cream may be used for extra comfort however we find that most of our patients generally do not require this.

Source: www.unique-laser.com.au