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Facial Hair Mens

Portable Hair Removal / February 4, 2018


The High Degrees of Difficulty (a.k.a. the Try These ONLY at Home, a.k.a. Seriously, Only Like Twelve People Can Pull These Off)

Guys, I don’t wanna be a downer, but facts are facts: you probably can’t pull off x-treme facial hair. Take the Hitler moustache, for example. Only Charlie Chaplin and that one dude from Sparks can pull it off. HITLER couldn’t even pull it off, and the goddamn thing is named after him. Other members of this category include Muttonchops, the Chester A. Arthur (sideburns that turn into a moustache), the weird 3-D brick goatee that Guitar Center heroes wear, the foppish twirled moustache, and the pencil ’stache. Are you an eccentric millionaire or famed wiry purveyor of midnight filth John Waters? If the answer to either is no, you probably shouldn’t wear these out.

IF, and I mean IF, you can pull one of these off, you are set for life. You have found your perfect facial hair.