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Electrolysis Beard for Mens

Portable Hair Removal / May 31, 2022


Hair gone in 10 days spread over 4 sessions in 6 months

Ideal for patients is to book the hair removal during the recovery period one week after an operation. You have to be in Antwerp anyway and you can not work anyway because of the recovery from the operation. You just stay a few extra nights in the Guesthouse.

We can clear a client’s face in about a third of the time as opposed to other electrolysis programs. We can do the electrolysis this intensive because we use a painpump which makes it painfree. An average beard and lip using the intensive treatment takes 70-90 hours start to finish.

The standard treatment program in most electrology practices is one session per week, one hour per session. With this program complete permanent removal of male pattern facial hair takes between 1 and 4 years, with an average treatment length of 2 years. In total about 200 to 300 hours of treatment are necessary. You will pay a total sum of 3-6 times the price of our intensive program.


  • Approximately 40% of your hair follicles are active during the first clearing. Although all hairs will be cleared during the session, about half of it will grow back. Your first sessions will account for the longest of all the clearings. Each follow up clearing will involve less time as there are progressively fewer hairs to be treated.
  • It is important to stick to the 6-8 weeks interval as the hairs that are not killed are weakened. This makes the chance you kill them in the next session much higher. If you leave longer intervals hairs can regain its full strength again.
  • Most patients will lose their shadows permanently after the 4th clearing, as long as they adhere to the 6-8 week clearing interval.2beardelectrolysis There will still be some blonde hairs remaining which can be cleaned up by a local electrologist.

Program and price for an average beard and lip

  • 1st session: 4 days of 8 hours = 3200 euro
    6 – 8 weeks later
  • 2nd session: 3 days of 8 hours = 2400 euro
    6 – 8 weeks later
  • 3rd session: 2 days of 8 hours = 1600 euro
    6 – 8 weeks later
  • 4th session: 1 day of 8 hours = 800 euro

So we can clear a beard in a total of 80 hours during 10 days in 4 sessions, in a total time frame of 4 and half to 6 months from start to finish for a total price of 8000 euro. Mind you, this is for the average beard and lip. Not all facial hair will have been removed, but the shade will. There will still be some blonde hairs remaining which can be cleaned up by a local electrologist. We can work this intensively because we use a pain pump which makes the process pain free

How many days of intensive electrolysis do I need to book?

If you don’t have a full beard anymore because of laser, electrolysis sessions or hormonal effects, booking 4 days as your 1st session is not necessary.

The below picture give you an indication of how many days you need according to the density of your facial hair.

Pay attention though, this is just a rough indication as the amount of hours needed also depend on:

  • the amount of gray hairs—they make it technically more difficult and time consuming
  • the way of implantation of your hairs
  • reaction of the patient

Booking your intensive electrolysis program

You can book your session below (electrolysis intensive program). The dates will be reserved for one week for you, to give you time to pay a non refundable deposit of 400 euro per day of intensive electrolysis treatment. If you book more then one session of a few days, only the deposit for the first session is needed. The second session deposit can be paid after the first session is finished etc. Bank details will be emailed to you, and you can also find them at the bottom of this page.

Combination of facial or body surgery and an intensive course of electrolysis

If you combine surgery and electrolysis the big advantage is you have to travel only once and you have to take free from work only once. After the operation you have downtime anyway so you might as well have electrolysis during this time.

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