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Chest Wax Mens

Portable Hair Removal / April 21, 2022

"Since no two brows are alike waxing a few strays above the brow line can help create a more symmetrical and tidy look. A good wax professional can help you decide what's best for your face."

According to Fuzz Wax Bar, waxing does not replace exfoliating. "Waxing does exfoliate the first layer of skin, however prepping the skin by washing and exfoliating well is the best way to prevent bumps and ingrown hairs - before and after your wax."

"Try dry exfoliating! It's a great way to rejuvenate and renew your skin. Use a soft-bristled brush or specially designed mitt to remove dead skin cells, improve blood flow, detox your body and clarify your complexion."

"The hair growth only needs to be ¼ inch for body hair and 1/8 inch for eyebrows." Fuzz Wax Bar notes that "most people will achieve ¼ inch hair growth in as little as two weeks. We recommend waxing every month for your best results."

"Post-wax, your skin will be more sensitive to sources of heat. Skip the tanning beds for a day or two to avoid burning. And while you're at it the same goes for saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools and hot exercise rooms."

"Ingrown hairs grow below the skin's surface and unless cared for properly can come back after each wax. Exfoliate the skin and use an ingrown hair treatment cream to rid yourself of this pesky problem, " advises Fuzz Wax Bar.

The crew at Fuzz Wax Bar also want us to know what we can do to treat our skin pre-wax. They say that, "If you don't nourish your skin, your body hair will be equally starved for moisture. Dry hair is also more likely to break when waxed, which means it may grow back much quicker, so moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!"

"Regular waxing will make your hair finer and will also cause it to grow back slower, which means less pain with each visit. Make it your monthly ritual and reap the rewards of a regular wax routine."

"Waxing will cause the pores to open thus leaving the skin slightly vulnerable. The area should be kept clean and nourished with special post-wax lotions to keep the skin smooth and supple."

"Waxing leaves your skin a wee bit sensitive and your skin is likely to appear red. Some individuals may even experience minor swelling. It will go away in a few hours and is completely normal."