5 Best Hair Products For Indian Hair

Top 10 Hair Cream for Mens

Cream / December 28, 2019

  • D:fi D:struct Pliable Molding Creme
  • American Crew Forming Cream
  • Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream
  • Aveda Men Pure-Formance Grooming Cream
  • Axe Natural Look Hair Cream
  • Fellow Barber Styling Cream
  • Suavecito Brilliant Creme
  • Axe Messy Look Hair Paste
  • Wood's Grooming Hair Styling Cream
  • American Crew Defining Paste

There are plenty of guys ready to turn up their noses at hair creams, simply because they don’t offer a whole lot of hold.

But, that doesn’t mean it’s not a styling aid; it just doesn’t hold your hair in place the same way other products will.

What kind of hold do hair creams offer?

Hair creams provide a low, soft hold with just a touch of natural shine.

What types of styles benefit from hair creams?

You should think about bed hair styles when you think about hair creams. It’s the sort of product stylists would use on actors such as Adrian Grenier (Vincent Chase on Entourage) or Robert Pattinson (in just about anything he’s ever done).

In other words, styling cream is good for flexible, natural-looking hair.

Comb-overs (of the George Clooney variety, as opposed to the Homer Simpson type) work really well with styling cream. Though, remember, a comb is the other essential part of this equation and you will definitely need a hair dryer (take a look at the application tips below.

Hair creams are great at taming frizzies, fluffies, flyaways, and static. Additionally, they can be used as a pre-styling product as they’ll add some volume and separation.

From there, you can add more definition and hold with another product.

Alternatively, if you’re after a soft finish with a light shine, you may want to start with another product and add a little hair cream at the end.

Source: faveable.com