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Best Depilatory Creams for Mens

Cream / March 1, 2019

Hair removal creams are an easy, inexpensive, and safe alternative to shaving, electrolysis, or laser hair removal. Before spreading on a cream, however, interested consumers should understand how they work as well as their pros and cons.

About Chemical Depilatory Creams

Chemical depilatories, more commonly called hair removal creams, work because their unique chemistry affects the chemistry of individual hair strands. The active chemicals in the creams break down keratin, the principal protein that forms hair strands, allowing it to be safely wiped away with gentle friction rather than requiring a blade or other harsh treatment. The precise effects of the cream vary based on its strength and the color and coarseness of the hair being removed as well as the length of time the cream is left undisturbed on the hair to act. Removal creams can be used on:

  • Leg hair - This is the most common hair removed by creams.
  • Bikini hair - Creams will not leave embarrassing razor bumps.
  • Facial hair - Special formulas are necessary so they do not irritate sensitive skin. Note: depilatory creams are not recommended for eyebrows because the chemicals can be dangerous if they contact the eye.

Choosing the Right Cream

With different types of body hair having different textures and strengths, it is important to choose the best cream for your anticipated needs. Unlike the general creams of years past, manufacturers now offer a range of formulas specially designed for different types of hair - coarse or fine - as well as for different areas of the body to minimize irritation. Individuals with sensitive skin should opt for milder formulas containing moisturizer and aloe, and creams should always be used on the appropriate area of the body for best results. In addition to creams, hair removal products are available as gels, roll-ons, mousses, sprays, and powders. Strength and effectiveness does vary, however.