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Tria Home Laser Device for Mens

Hair Removal At Home / June 17, 2018

To get straight to the point, if your on a budget, look elsewhere. Like I’ve already said in my (must read as this includes my first impression of the Tria machine for hair removal), the Tria Laser hair removal machine is not on the cost effective end of the spectrum as you are paying a little more than other hair removal machines.

But, is it worth it? I say yes if you really do want to get the results of permanent hair removal at home. If your looking for a temporary solution, then one of the cheaper hair removal machines I have reviewed may be better suited to you and your budget (or maybe if you don’t really want to spend the money, you shouldn’t be looking at laser or IPL but rather depilatory devices).

Please: I am constantly updating the site and answering everyone’s questions on a near-daily basis about hair removal machines, so you need not to worry, the site is updated with the latest and up to date information for 2017. And if you are wondering, the Tria is still an excellent machine to date, there hasn’t been a new release since the latest model.

However, the Tria Laser is one of the the newest kid on the block and has outranked all other devices.

It has topped this list for functionally, effectiveness and design.

Must not forget to mention that it is labelled the ‘safest home laser hair removal machine’ currently on the market. Believe me, you also have the FDA seal of approval. I found so many different prices on the Tria Laser 4X and this is what I found:

Cheapest Prices:

Retails anywhere between $600-$1, 000

  • For US & Rest of World:
  • For UK & Europe:
  • For Australia: (contact me for more information, I live in Australia so I can help you out)

I probably forgot to mention up to this point, the most important point that I saw floating around that apparently the FDA declared this machine to actually prove the SAME results as professional laser machines. That’s a big king hit!

The company, Tria Beauty, market this product as the be all and end all of home laser hair removal. And given that I am sitting here taking a back seat on it and reviewing this cute little device, I would, amongst all hair removal machines that I have to, concur with them. It has produced the results alot quicker than other machines. Tria promote that you can get hair-less results after 2 treatments, I would have to say that it has taken more than 2 treatments so I couldn’t agree with this statement, for me personally, it’s taken about 4-5 treatments.

After getting past all the scientific jargon, this new technology has enabled the device to be manufactured in a way which it damages the hair follicle at its root, without

damaging the surrounding skin tissue. I know this may not sound nothing knew when you first read it, but for a machine to penetrate so far down to the root, that is a new thing for home hair removal devices.

So the pitfalls of this machine? Nothing really, just its price tag.

Overall, it’s really paid off for Tria and its really paid off for its customers aswell. Its a sure sign that we are moving in the right direction for safe hair removal machines in our home. Tria have done an excellent job with this product and they seem to have the ball rolling with some new products in the pipeline, including the new, this sister of this Tria aimed for smaller body areas and more limited use. If you want the Tria, stick with this machine, it will do you wonders.

Dermatologist Recommended: Roy Geronemus, M.D. Board Certified Dermatologist and Laser Surgeon Director, Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York