Top 10 Best IPL Hair Laser Removing System Reviews

Tria Hair Removal System Reviews for Mens

Portable Hair Removal / September 2, 2022

*** The Is Guest Post By Charlie Cole ***

I’ve always hated shaving. On more than one occasion, while shaving in the shower, I have wondered how many hours total I’ve spent in my life shaving, as well as how many razors, bottles of shaving cream and gallons of water I’ve gone through. It really seemed like endless amounts of each, with much, much more to come. When I saw Kim Kardashian on TV promoting a small, hand-held laser that was supposed to permanently remove your hair in your own home, I was intrigued, to say the least.

I don’t really care if Kim Kardashian uses it, but the fact that they could afford her as a spokesperson meant this wasn’t some fly by night deal, which is the impression I’ve always had of products making these kind of claims. Also, I’m sure she has expensive legal and marketing teams that made sure the product was safe and at least semi-effective. Imagine the PR fallout otherwise! After watching the interview, I went online to see if I could find some first hand Tria Laser Hair Removal reviews. Ultimately, they are what convinced me to try it out.

The Tria is one of only two FDA approved laser hair removal devices, both CLINICALLY PROVEN TO REMOVE HAIR PERMANENTLY! I compared it to the other one, the Silk’n SensEpil, and decided to choose the Tria, because it had won the Prestige Skin Care Breakthrough Award, as well as Allure’s Beauty Breakthrough Award. It’s also a cordless, handheld unit, much smaller and far less clunky than the SensEpil, so it seemed like it would be easier to use.

Update: June 2015


Who Would Like The Tria + A Little Extra?…

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Tria Laser Hair Removal Reviews: As Easy As Shaving

Before receiving my Tria, I just couldn’t imagine laser hair removal that didn’t take a lot of specialized training to do. I was a little bit worried that they were going to have to send me some huge textbook just to operate the thing, but my fears were totally unfounded. All you have to do is hold the laser against your skin. You’ll hear a beep, feel a slight snap and a little heat, and then you just keep doing that until you’ve covered the whole area where you want to remove the hair. It works automatically, so you don’t have to keep pressing a button over and over again.

It’s actually such a simple procedure, I had to read up a little on the science of it. I had read reviews saying it was going to work, but I was just so incredibly skeptical until I saw it with my own eyes that I had to find out more.

Apparently, the laser actually travels down the shaft of your hair, into the root itself. Each time you use the Tria, it zaps the follicle a little more, weakening it little by little. I guess I’d describe this as easy to believe in principle, hard to believe when you actually use the product, and simply amazing when you see it start working. I could barely believe it when my hair started coming in thinner, and now I can still barely believe that it hasn’t grown back since I finished the treatments.

Seriously? Safe AND Painless?

Most of the Tria Laser Hair Removal reviews I read said that using it felt like snapping yourself lightly with a rubber band. I think that’s a fair comparison, thought I would add that it feels the rubber band has been slightly heated. It’s not totally comfortable, but it’s not really painful, either. If you’ve ever waxed, this will be nothing. It also has 5 different settings, so you can adjust it if you have sensitive skin. I usually use the highest setting without too much discomfort, because I want to see results quickly, though I do tend to turn it down a notch when I get near my bikini line or my armpits.

Now, I mentioned that Kim Kardashian’s approval made me think it was probably safe, but naturally I wanted more technical information. I found out that with some darker skin types, the Tria just doesn’t work, and might even cause some minor burning. Thankfully, before each use, it tests your skin tone quickly to see if you’re good to go. The unit comes with a 90-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, and they’ll even pay shipping, so it doesn’t really hurt to try it and see. It works for most skin types, and it won’t cost you anything to see if it works for you.

Obviously, a laser that can remove hair from your body forever is some serious business, and it’s no surprise that only the pros were allowed to do it for so long. A lot of time, effort, and money went into designing a unit that could do this while also being ABSOLUTELY SAFE for home use. I was surprised that I actually had to call the company to activate the Tria after I received it!

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