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Schick Body Groomer for Mens

Body / September 2, 2022

You take the grand tour, but the place is in such bad shape you figure it’s a teardown. In fact, you think it should be red-tagged as uninhabitable and cordoned off with police tape.

Your guy is listening, ladies, and he promises a major renovation. And by that, he means some serious manscaping. This crib, you see, is in his pants.

Schick and its ad agency, JWT New York, have likened a man’s unruly nether regions to a fixer-upper in a new, Flight of the Conchords-esque music video, promising that its Hydro Groomer will help “put your whole house in order.” The four-in-one shaving product, and its overhauling ability, might even bring back a few women who ran screaming from that real estate before. At least, it works that way for the dude in the ad.

Executives said they wanted to make a splash for Schick’s Hydro Groomer, which launched early this year and hasn’t had a substantial marketing push yet. They gave JWT New York a long leash for coming up with a cheeky concept they hope will catch fire through digital and social media.

“It’s very difficult to do a how-to video, and we didn’t want to be overly serious, ” said Hilary Daly, senior brand manager at Schick Hydro. “The product is a little bit edgy, so we felt humor was the way to go.”

There’s an acoustic song that weaves through the video, which is just longer than two minuets, along with snippets of sit-down interviews with the hirsute guy’s dates and past girlfriends. They were horrified at the unkempt state of his junk, even the gal who wasn’t experienced but “knew enough to know that there was something very wrong. Very wrong.”

For his part, he says he’s reformed, or remodeled, if you will. There's “fine-polished wood” where that bearskin rug used to be, and he brags that “the views are breathtaking” and the floor plan is “user friendly.”

The ad team at JWT New York wanted to talk about a somewhat taboo subject — male hair removal from private body parts — without crossing a boundary into lewd or literal descriptions.

“If you speak in metaphors, it can be a smart way to get to the nitty gritty, ” said Sarah Barclay, executive creative director at JWT New York, “and stay out of the weeds, so to speak.”

The envelope-pushing floodgates have been open for advertising in the personal grooming category for a number of years, since Philips Norelco introduced the bleep-filled video series “Shave Everywhere” in the mid 2000s. (For a visual aid, the ad used a carrot at one point, and its clean-cut spokesman didn’t leave any body parts off his furry laundry list.)

Commercials for products aimed at both men and women have looked for ways to talk about shaving sensitive areas without actually naming them, hence phrases like "mowing the lawn, " "trimming the shrubs" and various other gardening scenarios.

So even though beards are in fashion (hey, it’s Movember!), body hair is out, according to trend watchers. A study from Multi-sponsor Surveys Inc. released earlier this fall states that 39% of men say they remove hair below the neck, up from a paltry 6% in 2005. The numbers are much higher, nearing 60%, for male millennials. The groin is the most common area for male hair removal, followed by the chest and underarms.

Research from Braun, which has a vested interest in manscaping, found that 42%t of men spend more time body grooming than they did 10 years ago, and 27% of those who manscape say it has made them more popular with romantic partners.

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