Here s An Essential Guide On Hair Removal For Men

Remove Unwanted Hair From Body for Mens

Body / June 6, 2022

Routine hair removal has been a matter of concern, primarily for women, but this gender stereotype has slowly begun to change with the arrival of the hip and modern ‘metrosexual’ male. In recent years, our male counterparts have grown increasingly conscious of hair growth and are often just as driven as women in their pursuit of hairless smooth skin.

Here are some methods to get rid of excessive or unwanted hair, whether on your face or any part of your body:


Waxing is a basic hair removal option and is widely regarded as the best solution for unwanted hair because of its simplicity and because it quite literally gets to the root of the problem. Waxing can be done in almost any salon but it’s simple enough to be performed at home and gets rid of hair along with the roots. Waxing can be done on areas with vast growth, such as on the limbs, chest and back, along with the knuckles or toes. Waxing can be painful till you get used to it. It is beneficial in hair volume reduction, when done regularly.


This is probably the most widespread method of hair removal for men, as it’s one that men have used traditionally across the world. It’s also quite easy and painless; assuming you don’t nick yourself each time you have shave. You can use a razor to get rid of hair anywhere on the body, provided you get the technique right. Ensure you shower with warm water before you are set to shave. Warm water opens up the pores and raises hair follicles. A good quality razor, specifically the back-shaver and shaving foam are required. Keep in mind that it’s best to shave in the direction of the hair growth.

Electric trimming

Electric trimmers can be handy tool if you just need a quick fix. They offer a temporary solution and you’ll need to use them regularly if you want to look well groomed. Electric trimmers are easy to use, safe, irritation free and you have total control over the length you want to trim. This tool will suffice for those who don’t want to go completely hair-free. Don’t expect the smooth finish that you could get with a shave, but it remains a good option for anyone with sensitive skin. It would be wise to invest in a good quality trimmer if you plan to use it for regular trims, as cheap trimmers may not last very long.

Certain areas of hair growth, such as around the ears and nose, require a lot more care and some amount of dexterity. Using a grooming scissors is the first step to cutting off visible hair; hold a magnifying glass in the other hand while doing so. Note that this is useful for anyone with light hair in such areas. You may alternatively opt for two-in-one nose and ear trimmers. Here is a little advice on how to choose one: as mentioned, ensure there are appropriate attachments for trimming both nasal and facial hair and not two individual devices. The battery life of such trimmers is crucial especially when you are on the move constantly. This also means that they have to be user-friendly and potable. Look for trimmers with rechargeable batteries. Another factor is the variety of blade that suits you best. Two choices in blades are the rotary blade and one such found in electric beard trimmers. You may opt for either depending on what you’ve gotten accustomed to over time.

Hair removal creams

The obvious benefit of hair removal creams is that they are pain free. As a precaution, do a patch test before trying on such creams to avoid any burning or harsh reactions on the skin. For proper application, apply the cream on the desired area with a spatula and leave it on for 10-15 minutes(as per the manufacturer recommendations). During this time, the solution in the cream dissolves with the protein structure, thereby uprooting the hair easily. Hair removal creams however, give no guarantee of effect on very dark and thick hair. These creams are also a no-no for sensitive skin.

Laser hair reduction

Laser hair treatment is not a permanent hair removal solution, but its effects last a lot longer than conventional hair removal techniques. This is because the penetration of the laser light into the hair shaft kills the root, but not the follicle. For this reason, growth may come about at the same place, but this will usually happen much later. Chest-hair, hair on the back, shoulders and the genital area can be removed with laser treatments. However, this may not be very effective for blond and white hair; works best with dark hair on fair skin. This is the most popular option as it offers lasting results. The results are dependent on one’s hair growth rate and consulting a dermatologist before opting for one is the safest option. The treatment may take eight sessions, again depending on the texture and hair growth. This treatment could be sustained with touch-ups annually or as per your skin specialist’s advice.


Electrolysis is more of a step-by-step procedure for hair removal. A very fine needle is first penetrated into every individual hair shaft. A mild current is then released through the needle, destroying the hair follicle itself, thereby ensuring that hair cannot grow back in the exact same place. The effectiveness of this procedure varies from person to person and it does offer permanent results. Ideally, the uni-brow, back of neck and sporadic body hairs can be removed with this method. Consulting a doctor to verify whether this solution is suitable for your hair growth and type is essential, as electrolysis is rather expensive and time consuming.

Threading, Tweezers

The mention of ‘threading’ raises eyebrows instantly because of the pain involved. Threading is a traditional method, usually used to shape up or get rid of the extra hair around the eyebrows. Commonly done in salons, men can resort to this technique to do away with the dense growth on a regular basis. Threading involves removal of hair with criss-cross movements of the thread briskly. Since your skin may not be used to this sort of hair removal, initially there would be a tendency for skin reddening. You could apply a face cream immediately to soothe the inflammation and redness. Another common issue for men is the unibrow. Tweezers come in handy to pull out strands from a thick uni-brow or to deal with a few stray hairs on the face. You could use the tweezers effectively along with a magnifying glass.