Laser Hair Removal for Men: Who s Doing It and Why?

Permanent Hair Removal Shaver for Mens

Permanently / October 17, 2015

With a huge choice of electric razors for him and professional epilators and waxing systems for her, find everything to keep your hair worries at bay.


There are so many health and beauty tips for women regarding hair removal that it can be hard to choose. Opt for a wax strip kit from brands such as Veet or Nair as an effective way of leaving your skin stubble-free typically for 4-6 weeks: hair is removed straight from the roots, leaving your hair follicles less irritated by constant removal. For small parts of your face, such as your upper lip, keep hair away for longer with special kits for women facial hair.

Shop hair removal creams or shaving instead: razors and shaving creams are purpose-made for women, helping you also easily get those silky smooth legs. Choose the right razor for you, whether it be a Gillette triple blade, or a bulk pack of basics so that you go hair-free even with the most sensitive of skin.

Beauty expert brands for electrical removal such as a skin epilator from Philips, Braun and Remington, also give you the chance to go hair free with confidence. Your hair growth slows down and stays away more permanently, and numbing wipes from brands such as Hansen makes sure it's pain-free – so get the gift of silky smooth legs!


Shaving is a big deal for men, with many shaving on a daily basis. Clippers or even a trimmer now and then, are great ways of giving your beard and ‘tache needs a little love.

Grooming kits such as a Merkur shaving gift set are great presents for men, as is a leather travel bag. Don't forget shaving accessories such as a shaving brush and a deluxe straight aluminium razor with an extension handle and brush to clean it, as well as after hair care products such as aftershave balm.