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Portable Hair Removal / April 27, 2021

1It’s a sad fact of life that as you get older, hair tends to vanish in the places you want it (your head) only to sprout in areas you absolutely don’t (your back, shoulders, ears and – perhaps most annoyingly – nostrils).

Nasal hair is a mystery. It grows at a rate of approximately 0.35mm day, and scientists still haven’t figured out why you’re afflicted with ever-increasing amounts of it as you age – though hormonal changes linked to testosterone are deemed the most likely culprit.

The easiest way to deal with nasal hair, of course, is to prune it back with the help of special nose hair scissors, designed with specially rounded safety tips. Never use nail scissors or you risk perforating the delicate skin of your nostrils. Likewise, garden shears are best kept for your dahlias. Nasal hair clippers are useful devices, too, though the trimmed hairs can itch as they grow back.

Waxing is another option. More complicated than using a clipper or scissors – and certainly a little more painful – it’s the perfect solution if it looks like Don King’s taken up residence in your nasal passages.

In preparation for writing this piece I gave myself a DIY wax using the kit below and, while it’s fiddly – you have to apply a little melted wax to the tip of an applicator, carefully insert it into your nostril, wait for exactly 90 seconds then fearlessly yank it out using a swift downwards movement – it does leave your hooter hair-free for weeks. What’s more, my nostrils were so uncluttered afterwards I felt like three times more oxygen was entering my body.

Whatever method you choose, the important thing is to do something. A study by the University College of San Diego found the nose is the first thing people zoom in on when trying to identify a new face. Nostrils with protruding tufts might get you noticed quicker, but it won’t make you many friends.

What to buy

Swissco Nose and Ear hair Scissors
With rounded tips these easy-to-hold nasal hair trimmers are the perfect tool for removing the odd stray hair without damaging the lining of the nostril.

Nad’s Nose Wax
Designed to remove nasal hair but leave the delicate and useful cilia that line the membranes of nostril, this is a great, long-lasting way to rid yourself of unwanted hair. Even comes with handy ‘tache guards so you don’t accidentally remove any facial fuzz at the same time.

Groom Mate Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer