Me My Elos Plus V2 Hair Removal System

Me my Elos Hair Removal for Mens

Portable Hair Removal / November 16, 2019

HoMedics me

What is the me hair removal system?

The next generation of hair removal is here. HoMedics me is the fastest way to permanent hair reduction. Suitable for the widest range of skin tones and hair colours, me safely provides permanent professional results in your own home at a fraction of the cost of salon treatments. Designed for use on both face and body, me is intuitive and easy to use and offers the fastest treatment times of any home use system (a full leg in less than 10 minutes). Prepare to enjoy the freedom of beautiful smooth skin.

me is fast and convenient: a no preparations, no pre-shaving, no gels system.

What is elos hair removal technology?

elos is the technology that powers me. elos provides greater levels of efficacy, superior levels of safety and user comfort, as well as far shorter treatment times versus IPL and laser.

With over 3 million professional elos hair removal treatments performed annually, elos is more than clinically tested it is medically proven.Safe for use on face and body Developed by Syneron Medical, the world leader in professional aesthetic devices, and launched by HoMedics this revolutionary technology is now available in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost of professional treatments.

From lasers to elos-technological evolution

elos is the first and only technology that combines the power of both IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and RF (bipolar radio frequency). Developed by IPL inventor and patent holder Dr Shimon Eckhouse, this revolutionary technology effectively overcomes the safety and procedural limitations of laser and IPL devices.

elos technology is a unique combination of RF and IPL, using gentle pulses of two targeted energies to penetrate deeper below the skin dermis than laser and IPL. elos uses a lower overall energy output, subsequently providing treatment times significantly faster than IPL along with higher levels of safety and comfort even on darker skin tones (suitable for skin types 1-5).

me is the first and only elos professional technology hair removal device offering speed, safety and 10 years of proven clinical results.

How does me work?

elos technology uses a gentle pulse of two targeted energies (IPL and RF) to penetrate deeper below the skin dermis than laser and IPL, more effectively targeting the hair follicle.

  • A pulse of elos is emitted (low energy pulsed light + gentle RF), penetrating below the skin dermis
  • The light energy is converted to thermal energy, heating up the hair shaft and subsequently the hair follicle
  • The RF energy is attracted to the pre-heated follicle, heating it further, preventing hair re-growth

IPL and laser treatments only heat the hair shaft and rely on collateral damage to disable the follicle. In contrast, elos penetrates deeper below the skin dermis, precisely targeting the hair follicle to permanently disable it and prevent regrowth.

Why choose the me hair removal system?

me is powered by unique elos technology, providing you with significant benefits versus laser or IPL:

  • Effective-the only product that uses next generation elos technology, combining IPL with RF for more effective treatment
  • Fast-full body treatment in approximately half an hour, full leg in 10 minutes
  • Safe and easy to use-me is suitable for a wide range of skin types: Fitzpatrick skin tones 1 - 4 for use on the face, and 1 - 5 for the rest of your body

Fitzpatrick Skin Tone Scale

Full body treatment in approximately half an hour
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Dual action

me offers the option of an epilator or shaver accessory (sold separately) to create a dual action hair removal device. While permanently reducing your hair growth with elos, the shaver or epilator immediately shaves or removes your hair.

Intensity levels

There are three different elos levels to allow you to adjust the level of intensity to suit your skin type or body area being treated, select low, medium or high to ensure maximum levels of comfort and efficacy during use.