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Male Facial Hair Removal for Mens

Portable Hair Removal / June 18, 2022

LiveStrong Calorie TrackerShaving can cause havoc on your face if you have sensitive skin. Razor burn, cuts and ingrown hairs are just some of the possible consequences of shaving. Luckily, shaving is not the only way to get rid of beards. Facial hair removal creams for men can also provide smooth skin without causing nicks, cuts or irritation.

Formula 103 Extra Strength Facial Hair Removal Cream removes facial hair without the need for shaving, according to Formula 103's website, The cream was designed specifically with African-American men in mind. According to the website, Formula 103 softens and dissolves hair without affecting the root, and acts as a moisturizer to reduce the amount of irritation that causes bumps, a common problem for many African-American men. Formula 103 ingredients include herbal extracts as well as chemical ingredients, such as sodium hydroxide. If you have never used Formula 103 before, perform a patch test, applying the cream to a small area on your face. If any irritation occurs, discontinue using the product.

SoftSheen Carson Magic Shave offers a line of facial hair-removal creams products designed for African-American men. The line includes the Magic Shave Cream in mild, regular and smooth versions. Mild is designed for sensitive skin and includes Shea butter to help moisturize the skin, according to Magic Shave Regular treats normal to course beards and its cocoa butter conditions the skin, according to the website. The smooth version formula contains natural oils for a razor-less, bump-free hair-removal treatment of the face and head, according to Each Magic Shave version comes in a 6 oz. tube.

Hair No More is marketed as a hair-growth inhibitor that can be used for men's facial hair, including beards. The Hair No More system comes with a 6 oz. tube of hair vanishing cream that includes antioxidants, vitamins A and E, green tea extracts and aloe vera. The cream has a pH balance of 12 and it dissolves hair, including the root. The system also comes with an inhibitor available in either gel or spray form. According to the website,, the inhibitor contains a botanical complex that discourages future hair growth.