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Latest Laser Hair Removal Technology for Mens

Portable Hair Removal / April 9, 2021

Everyday, men who are frustrated with constantly shaving and waxing turn to an ideal, long-term solution, laser hair removal. Traditional hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing, electrolysis, and plucking are effective hair removal techniques, however, only laser hair removal is permanent. Using the latest technology available, Dr. Lisa Espinoza can remove unwanted hair from virtually any part of your body with unparalleled speed, safety, and efficacy. Each of our lasers is specific to certain skin types and colors of hair, allowing us to treat the full spectrum of skin types more effectively than other laser centers. An innovative cooling system is built within it, therefore, allowing us to cool the skin during the treatment, making your experience a more comfortable one! It is important to note, that hair grows in cycles, and only about one-third of a patient’s hair is visible above the skin at any time. Therefore, it is recommended that patients undergo five to eight treatments, spaced several weeks apart for optimal hair clearance.

Back Hair Removal
This treatment will absolutely change your life. Laser hair removal is the best way to get rid of unwanted back hair. Imagine looking forward to taking off your shirt and throwing away your razor, or cancelling all of your waxing appointments. At La Chele Medical Aesthetics, our expert laser technicians customize laser settings to achieve the ultimate result.

Chest Hair Removal
There are a variety of preferences when it comes to chest appearance in regards to hair. Some men prefer a very smooth hairless chest appearance, while others just wish to thin some of the unwanted chest hair. Whatever your desired end result, La Chele Medical Aesthetics offers the customized service to effectively remove unwanted chest hair.

Abdominal Hair Removal
Both men and women may experience excessive abdominal hair. La Chele Medical Aesthetics laser technicians have a quick and easy solution to this annoyance with our laser hair removal treatment.

Interestingly there is a little known secret of the stars whereby they undergo a very specific and selective laser hair removal procedure that creates the abdomen with an illusion of a six pack. The remaining hair is given a “V-shape” thus providing the perception of having a toned abdominal region. On the other hand you may already have a firm set of abs, but do not want them hidden by unwanted hair.

Men’s Brazilian Hair Removal
This treatment removes all hair on a male’s private parts, including the shaft and base of the penis, the testicles, the area between the anus and the testicles, as well as the area between the bum cheeks.
Excess hair can affect visual appearance, personal hygiene and self-esteem. You have the choice of just having the shaft and testicles treated to extensive hair removal throughout the entire area.

Laser Hair Club
Now becoming hair-free is faster than ever with Vectus high-speed hair removal technology. Starting at $99 a month for one area. It’s a great and innovative plan to help you manage the cost of hair removal.