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How to Body Wax for Mens?

Body / June 1, 2020

Rockhampton Male WaxingHi and welcome,

Many places claim to be unisex but Reef is the only truly inclusive studio where both guys and girls are welcome, and I'm proud of that.

I'm also proud of the fact that Reef is not a beauty salon. We remove hair - that's our niche, and without a doubt, Men's Waxing is at the centre of it all.

Reef has been performing Male Waxing longer than any other studio in Queensland.

Throughout the beauty industry, Reef is regarded as THE pioneer and specialist studio.

That's not a boast, but some serious comfort for guys who are considering a first time wax and don't know who to trust.

So that's the big sell. I hope you liked it :)

Below you'll find info, prices, tips, plus answers to every question under the sun.

Have a brilliant day.

Andrew Thompson.

Men's Waxing - Face

Upper Cheeks$25

Men's Waxing - Upper Body

Under Arms$25
Upper Arms$29
3/4 Arms$65
Full Arms$69
Shoulders & Nape$39
Chest & Stomach$90
Upper Back$39
Back, Shoulders, Delts$99
Bum, Back, Shoulders, Delts$154
Chest, Stomach, Obliques, Back, Shoulders, Delts$197

Men's Waxing - Lower Body

Lower Legs$49
Full Legs$79
Full Legs & Speedo Bikini$124
Bum Crease$35
Full Bum (includes crease)$55
Bum, Back, Shoulders, Delts$197
Full Lower Body Wax - Hips Down$289
Any Brazilian, Bum, Back, Shoulders, Delts$287
Any Boyleg Brazilian, Bum, Back, Shoulders, Delts2

Body Part definitions for Men's Body Waxing in RockhamptonFor Bikini and Brazilian Waxing prices, take this page:

Tips & tricks .:. Rockhampton Male Waxing

  • Wear loose fitting clothing to your treatment. If you are receiving a Male Brazilian Wax, ensure that you wear undies made of cotton so the skin can breathe, or alternatively, wear none. Don't wear silks or satins until the skin has calmed.
  • When you come in, you will be given a Waxing After-Care Sheet. This is not junk mail. Read it.
  • Use a proper after-wax lotion for at least a day after the treatment, and again when regrowth begins to appear. A bottle of Caron After Wax Lotion costs and will last you several treatments. Extra tip: It's great for after shaving your legs too.
  • After a wax, avoid chlorine pools, saunas, the gym, and hot tubs until your skin has calmed down, to minimise the risk of inflammation.
  • Sweating will increase the recovery time. If you live near a beach, a swim in salt water is great.
  • Avoid colognes and antiperspirants until the skin has calmed down.
  • You can also make a saline wash using half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water, and pad it over the area.
  • Do not exfoliate the waxed area until it has calmed down completely. Your skin may return to normal quickly or it could take 48-72 hours.
  • As regrowth comes through at about the 3 week mark, gently exfoliate each day then follow with Caron lotion.
  • Waxing Treatments should be spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. Your hair should be at least 5mm long for the wax to grip it.

Do many guys get waxed? What do they wax?

Everything. To date, our youngest male waxing client is an 11 year old cycling star, and our oldest an 87 year old great-grandfather who wanted to surprise his wife for their 60th anniversary. The range and reasons are diverse, and chances are, our clients are not so different to you.

How much does waxing hurt?

As a general guide, the feeling is like being slapped with a plastic ruler and fades quickly. Follow up treatments are gentler than the first, as the hair hasn't had time to fully develop.

Why do guys get waxed?

Guys usually get waxed to satisfy their sense of self-image, or because their partners prefer the smooth look. Waxing can also be cultural, attaching itself to certain professions, and not the ones you'd expect. Most of Reef's waxing clients are people in the public eye - teachers, police, retail workers, doctors, and lawyers. You can't get more mainstream than that.

What is a Brazilian Wax?

This in a separate section of the site. For info about men's bikini and Brazilian waxing, go through to this page:

What could prevent me having a treatment?

To save replication here, this article in the Reef Knowledge Base lists the contraindications and reasons why you may not be suitable for treatment.

Can you do a waxing outcall to my home?

Unfortunately no, it would make the treatment too expensive. Wax pots take around 40 minutes to heat up, and we would have to charge for that time. If we preheat the pots, then we risk spillage during transportation, which again is a costly (and messy) affair.

Is Waxing Permanent?

No. Over years, waxing may have a general thinning effect but if you stop waxing, it will return to its previous state. If you want a more permanent solution, Reef has two options, Active Enzyme which is used in conjunction with waxing, or PTF Hair Removal with is a light-based treatment. Here are the links to each page:

Can I book a spray tan for after my wax treatment?

Unfortunately no. The after wax lotion will create a barrier between your skin and the tanning solution. Ideally you should leave the after wax lotion on, then go for a spray tan in a day or two.

Will my Therapist be male or female?

I shouldn't have to qualify this question but I will. Your therapist will be me, Andrew Thompson, a male with nearly 20 years experience in the beauty industry, and over 30 years working with naked human bodies, as an artist, sports practitioner, remedial massage therapist, and acupuncturist. If you have issues with my gender, regardless of my experience and unblemished reputation over three decades, I'd prefer you went somewhere else.

A salon told me they were Reef Beauty Certified. What does this mean?

Some salons send their staff to me for Mens Brazilian Wax training. The therapists receive a certificate upon completion listing details of their particular level of skill. It is important to note that I only accredit individual therapists, not the entire salon. Any therapist making the claim that they trained with me will be happy to present their credentials. Please don't contact me to find out details of a particular therapist who has undergone training with me, as this is confidential information.