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Hair Removal At Home / October 31, 2017

Though waxing of body hair is not uncommon in gentlemen, it is still a practice that is tabooed by a majority of the popular world. Through the process of waxing, you pull the hair out from its roots, unlike the process of shaving, wherein the roots remain embedded in the follicles. With repeated waxing and pulling out of the hair from the roots, the growth of hair diminishes over time.

The growth and density of hair depends on various factors such as area of growth and method of removal. Pulling the hair out from the root itself means that it will take longer to grow back because it has to first grow to the surface of the skin. In due course of time, it will get longer and be visible. Subsequently, pulling it out from the roots, as in the case of waxing, does cause a significant amount of damage to the follicle itself, causing it to stop producing hair. Re growth of hair after waxing should take a couple of weeks.

There are a number of alternative methods that can be used to get rid your unwanted hair, but all these methods are temporary. Natural wax for removal of hair from the arms and legs can be made by mixing sugar, honey and lemon together and heating the mixture till it bubbles. After allowing it to cool to a moderate temperature, apply it evenly over the area of hair removal and cover it with a strip of fabric. After a few seconds, pull the strip of fabric in the direction opposite to that of the growth of hair. This method pulls the hair out from the roots and ensures that it will take time for re-growth. Scrubbing the hands and legs with a pumice stone while bathing will also reduce the growth and density of hair on the body. Another easy to follow method of removal of unwanted hair includes the application of a mixture of water, gram flour and turmeric to the area from which you would like to remove hair. Allow it to dry completely and then rub it off with your finger tips. It causes the hair to weaken and break, sometimes pulling it out from the roots. Lemon, being known for its natural bleaching properties, should be mixed with honey and applied to the face. Allow it to dry and then wash it off as an effective method of reducing the prominence of facial hair.

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