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Groupon IPL Machine for Mens

Machine / February 17, 2017

Whether you shave every day or once a month, having the right shaving supplies can help streamline your regular grooming routine and prevent unsightly irritation. Keep the following tips in mind as you browse Groupon’s wide selection of grooming supplies, including options from popular men’s shaving brands like Gillette and Braun.

Get the Right Razor for You

The choice of buying a manual or electric razor comes down to a few important variables. Men with coarse, fast-growing hair should invest in a manual or straight razor, preferably one with multiple blades. On the other hand, men with thin, slow-growing facial hair may want to purchase some disposable razors or a basic trimmer to shave every few days or weeks. Finally, men with full beards should consider buying a beard trimming kit, which makes daily grooming a breeze.

Protect Against Cuts and Irritation

While the type of razor or trimmer you use is paramount, some nourishing lotion and shaving cream can go a long way to prevent irritation and ingrown hairs. Try applying shaving oil directly onto the skin after a shower for best results, or give yourself a classic barbershop experience by lathering a shaving brush with your favorite lotion or cream. Once you’ve protected your skin, you’re ready to shave.

Source: www.groupon.com