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Facial Hair Removal Cream Mens

Cream / September 11, 2020

There are multiple ways to remove hair without paying a fortune. The most common are tweezing, threading, and waxing. I am going to explain the pros and cons for each one.

I have used all three methods to remove unwanted hair from my face (which no woman ever wants to admit, but it's reality ladies, so don't be ashamed!). Out of the three, threading was the best investment. I had my facial hair threaded over a period of two months and found amazing results.

But you need to decide for yourself which method will work best. Read on for detailed reviews of each method.


Waxing is a quick and cost efficient method of removing unwanted hair, especially on the face. Currently there are two widely used types of wax: hard and soft. Hard wax is used on more sensitive areas, like the lips of your vagina when getting Brazilian. Soft wax is used on legs, faces, and underarms—areas that can handle more tug and pull. One of the most common ingredients in all waxes is pine rosin, which helps the wax harden and bond not only your skin, but to the hair follicles and paper as well.

The facts about waxing:

  • You can get waxing done on any part of your body.
  • When you go in to get waxed, whether facial or body, you always leave with red areas and sometimes bleeding. This redness normally subsides about an hour or two after the waxing. The reason for this is that the wax not only pulls out the hair from the folicles, but also takes off the top layer of the skin.


Threading hair removal is rapidly becoming one of the world's best and fastest hair removal techniques. This technique, developed in the Middle East, is an ancient method.

The facts about threading:

Threading gets rids of the finest and smallest hair with ease and doesn't leave the area extremely swollen or red. Here's how it works: A cotton thread is pulled along unwanted hair in a twisting motion to trap hair in a mini lasso and lifts hair right out of the follicle. Sound painful? Well, to tell you the truth, if it is your first time, it can be a little painful. Its not that bad. I honestly think waxing hurts more.

Threading allows for the sharpest eyebrow form and definition, more so than with tweezing and waxing alone. When you draw lines from the arch to each end, in accordance with your eye, they are perfectly aligned.


We have all done this, and honestly it gets rather annoying. The cost is the lowest (the price of a pair of tweezers), but it is extremely time-consuming and can be rather painful, especially if you have never done it before.

The facts about tweezing:

If you have never tweezed before, it can be quite an eye-opener. Tweezing takes patience, attention to detail, and some drawing skills. Usually, before you start, you have to first draw the shape you want for your eyebrows with a makeup pencil. From there, you pluck all the unwanted hairs around the drawn line. Now, if you're not symmetrical in your drawing, you will end up with quite odd-looking eyebrows because they won't be even.

There will be times, even for some of the best professional tweezers, when they miss the hair and catch the skin instead. This can be rather painful and you may even break the skin.


We have all done it, whether our legs or facial hair. Shaving is probably the worst of these solutions, but is quick.

The facts about shaving:

If you are not careful, shaving can cause razor burn, a red rash along the shaved area. It's also easy to nick or seriously cut yourself. Shaving only cuts the hair above the skin, causing the hair to grow back faster and heavier.