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Body / May 23, 2022

Choosing a Body Hair TrimmerThere are many great body hair trimmers on the market but it can clearly be a challenge for some people to choose options that are right for them. There are several great body hair trimmers to try out right now but you need to be certain that you choose one that is appropriate for your demands.

A body hair trimmer needs to be a unit that has plenty of useful attachments as well as a good number of easy to handle controls. Anything that can be easy to clean off will be worthwhile as well.

The options to choose from need to fit in perfectly with your life. Here are three good choices that are worth exploring as they can target many spots around your body.


The TRYM II hair trimmer from Pure Enrichment has a modern body and a series of attachments that make trimming easy to handle. This uses four separate attachments that can be quickly added onto the main body of the trimmer to make the process easier to handle. It uses compound metal blades that are sharp and easy to maintain. You only need to use a small bit of oil and a brush to maintain them on occasion. These will not snag or pull on your hair either. It all comes with a modern design with a smooth body and refined charging station to create a look of elegance in any space that you store it in. The battery can also hold its charge for a long time, thus ensuring that the power will stay consistent no matter how long you use it for.


  • Suitable for all spots on the body from the chest to the beard
  • The unit is easy to open up and clean
  • Cordless body makes it portable while being easy to move around the body


  • Could use a few attachments with different blade patterns instead of lengths
  • Tends to be rather loud

Philips Norelco BG2038/41 Bodygroom 5100

The Bodygroom 5100 is a model from Philips Norelco that focused on the entire body to create a clean and properly shaved look in many spaces. It uses a series of rounded combs that will move over the skin and cover more spaces at a given time. It contours gently over the skin and gathered hairs of all lengths. It uses a series of properly-sized holes around the middle of the shaver to capture hairs and to trim them without creating any nicks or cuts. In addition, it prevents burning sensations by carefully lifting the hair as needed, thus ensuring that it will not stay flat on the surface of one’s skin.

  • The back attachment is long on length to get to the toughest to reach spots
  • Takes as little as an hour to charge it for about 50 minutes of use
  • Works in wet and dry conditions
  • Does not require lubrication


  • Back attachment can fall off at times while in use
  • Requires a full brush and plenty of effort to get it all cleaned out