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Best Body Hair Shaver for Mens

Body / April 6, 2018

Body grooming may seem like a nuisance and a bit vain to some men, but it plays an important role in creating an aesthetically pleasing and arousing appearance. In fact, a recent survey by Remington indicates that most women would prefer men to be less hairy.

If you're looking to attract a mate, good grooming is where you should begin your journey. The good news is that there are plenty of awesome tools to get you started.

With so many men taking an interest in manscaping, the men’s grooming industry has seen a surge in the development of electric body groomers.

This overview will introduce you to the eight most popular body groomers in terms of customer reviews, sales, overall utility, and of course, my personal experience.

  • Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro
  • Philips Norelco Bodygroom Plus
  • Philips Norelco Bodygroom
  • Panasonic Milano Series
  • Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler
  • Mangroomer
  • Cleancut Personal Shaver
  • Wahl Micro Groomsman Personal Trimmer

Comprehensive Review of the 8 Best Body Groomers for Men

Without further ado, here's everything you could possibly want to know about the best body groomers on the market.

The Ultimate in Body grooming

This is an all-in-one grooming solution, with a dual-end design, meaning it’s got shavers on both ends of the unit.

I love the design of this groomer–it's smooth and sleek and very easy to maneuver.

One of the major benefits of the Bodygroom Pro is that it minimizes skin irritation; the blades and combs are rounded to prevent scratching the skin. The head of the unit also pivots very easily, allowing for a close shave with less irritation. The foil is hypoallergenic.

You can use the Bodygroom Pro on all areas of the body, including your chest, abs, underarms, arms, hands, legs, groin area, back, shoulders, and feet. You could also use it on a beard as well.

This is a rechargeable cordless unit; an 8-hour charge will give you 50 minutes of cordless use. There are 5 length attachments to accommodate a variety of desired hair lengths. The casing is water-resistant, so you can use it wet (in the shower) or dry.

Of all the groomers reviewed here, this is my personal favorite.

This unit is the mid-tier body groomer offered in this line.

This groomer offers many of the same features as the Bodygroom Pro, but there are a few notable differences worth mentioning:

  • Shape of the unit is different, but still very ergonomic
  • No dual-end design; shaver is just on one side
  • No 3-D pivoting head
  • Only 3 attachment combs instead of 5
  • Includes extender for shaving the back and shoulders

The extender is a huge plus though, especially if you have back hair; this piece is not included with the Bodygroom Pro.

This is the bottom-tier body groomer offered in this line, targeted for the value priced shopper.

Similar to the Bodygroom Pro and Plus, this unit offers all the same benefits, minus the following features:

  • No dual-end design–shaver on just on one side
  • No 3D-pivoting head
  • Recharge time is 8 hours for 50 minutes of shaving

The most notable difference here is the battery life. Compared to the Plus, this unit takes a full 8 hours of charging just to get 50 minutes of shaving. However, like the Plus, this also comes with an extender for back shaving, a huge plus for those who want to shave their back.

The Milano is Panasonic's answer to body grooming, and it does offer an impressive set of features.

The unit is designed as an all-in-one groomer, so can be used to trim your beard and your body. Unlike some of the competitors, the Milano doesn't require attachment combs to adjust the lengths. The unit features a built-in dial that you can adjust up to 19 different lengths–this is by far the best body groomer for a guy who's focused on customizable length.

The unit is cordless, can be operated wet/dry, and features a rubberized grip for better handling.

The only downside to this product is the battery. The unit has to be charged for 15 hours for 50 minutes of shaving. Even the bottom-tier Philips Norelco Bodygroom beats out the Milano by double on battery.

However, if you're the guy that's looking for sleek and suave grooming with adjustable hair length, then the Milano is for you–you won't find another body groomer that offers this type of customization.

Gillette is arguably the leading brand in men's shaving. Here, they have introduced a 3-in-1 body grooming product that allows you to shave, trim, and edge. Designed with Braun technology, this little styler seems to be a favorite with over 1, 200 five-star reviews on Amazon.

Unlike some of the other body groomers on the market, this product does require a Gillette Fusion Proglide blade if you want to use it fully–that is if you want to shave (using the front of the razor) or edge (using the back of the razor).

However, you can also trim with this product; it has a built-in electric trimmer that runs on a AA battery; the trimmer also includes 3 interchangeable combs to accommodate different hair lengths. The unit can be operated dry or wet.

You can use this groomer all over your body, even sensitive areas. However, if I were shaving sensitive areas, I'd prefer to shave with something that has a smaller, thinner handle (like a regular, manual razor). You need to be able to finesse a blade around cracks, crevices, and folded skin, and I wouldn’t want to try that with a bulky handle.

This is the leading body groomer on the market for back hair shaving. Interestingly, this product has been only 10 years in the making but has quite a loyal following.

For any guy who has tried to shave his back with just a regular razor, you know how difficult that can be, not to mention the awkward stretching of your arm muscles (which you'll still feel a day later). The Mangroomer makes this a non-issue.