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Hair Removal At Home / December 27, 2018

Please note that this product works differently on different skin types and hair structures, and so does my review. This is my personal experience of the product and I have never been this excited about sharing a review!

Firstly, lets discuss the build, design and features. I do not even know why people would concern themselves with whether they like the design on a product that serves a purpose inside the comfort of your own home. This is an elegant product, resembles a hair dryer (a smaller one) and has logically placed easy to press buttons. I suppose while it is simple to use and pretty self-explanatory but it is also to be taken seriously.

Now, the only plausible explanation of why anyone would rate this product any way other than 5 stars is because the product is not intended for their skin/hair type, they are impatient or they are not using it properly. Or simply, the product did not live up to a high expectation that - zap, and all the hair is gone! We all wish there was such a product and I am not the most patient person in the world but I have held my breath for 3 months of usage before I even decided to write this.

I am fair skinned and not the most hairy person in the world. My hairs are dark blonde, with an exception to under my knee where the hairs were black and sharp from all those years of shaving. I have used epilators and razors only. I have targeted a few areas: my lower legs, bikini area, underarms and a tiny patch on my tummy. I have always been thorough on my bikini area, my underarms had required a shave once a week, maybe 2 weeks, my lower legs would require a shave the next day and would be very prickly and my bikini area pretty much the same, with an exception of that particular area having more hair density than the others. And my tummy, just a line underneath my belly button, not dense but long and dark.

Note that there is an instruction for this and a chart for skin types and hair types. I have used the highest setting or 5, and 3 on my bikini area only. I have repeated the treatments every 2nd week. This, I think is quite individual but I know there has to be AT LEAST 2 weeks apart from treatments. So I have done the bare minimum. I am impatient...


Lower leg:
After the first treatment the hairs that grew back looked pretty much the same, with perhaps a slightly slower growth rate. The second treatment and onwards, they have been growing a lot slower and fewer each time. They are much softer and lighter. Now, after 5 treatments they barely even grow back, prompting a little shave and repeat treatment. They are very soft, barely visible and certainly much easier to handle. The skin on my legs has become much softer, the pigmentation has improved and the dryness is gone. The last 3 attributes are due to the lack of everyday shaving. When the hairs do grow back, I can feel them slightly but nothing that even resembles a scratchy stubble like it used to. So all things considered - a brilliant result. I do not have to worry for the whole two weeks between treatments about shaving or anything of the sort. This is only after 5 treatments.

Underarms: Very much the same. Growth rate barely exists, they are soft and the hair is much lighter and softer when it grows back. Unlike the legs, its growth rate is a bit faster but all things considered, very much the same result. I was worried about side effects as it is such a delicate area but I have had none. My sweat glands have not complained and the skin under my arms which never used to be too dark, is now the same colour as the rest of my arm.

I now repeat it out of routine, but the hairs seem to be fully gone with some pale blonde little ones growing, ever so soft and subtle, very much like the rest of the hair over my body. Virtually non existent.

Bikini area:
As I mentioned I am quite thorough here. This one has proven to be slightly more sensitive to the little sting but that is to be expected. I cannot see it ever hurting more than waxing or an epilator. After 5 treatments the hairs on the bikini area are much softer and at no point do they grow back itching or scratching. They are quite soft and a bit lighter. However, compared to any other body part that I have worked on, the progress is a tad slower. Not to say I mind this as the result is wonderful as it is, it's just that I can see it taking a bit longer than the rest of my body. I find this completely acceptable. I am quite sensitive, my skin is very fine and I tend to bruise, spot and cut easily. I used to get a lot of ingrown hairs and as we all know, those can be quite painful. Since I have started treatments, I get no spots and all the de-pigmentation seems to have disappeared. Another very desired and wonderful result to an intimate area.

It has become much easier and faster to do the treatments each time and by now I have become accustomed to the little flicks I get every now and again. Where pain is concerned it is nt worth a mention really. Just more sensitive on the intimate areas. I am only being completely honest of my experience, it might differ a lot from what other people have experienced to their own standards.

I would recommend this product to anyone suitable to use it where skin tone and hair meet the criteria and I would say - no matter if you are in a rush, tight for cash, impatient or skeptical - it is worth every second and every penny. Do not hesitate, and if your success rate is not as good as you expected, do not discard the product! Philips are not misleading you on what it is nor are they promising a permanent and total hair removal, nor does it say it will be fast or require a couple of treatments. The company is being quite transparent about everything actually, and that is another big plus in my book. You need to invest a bit of time and dedication to it. To be fair you made it worse for years by shaving and waxing or whatever, you cannot expect it to be gone overnight.

I am absolutely stunned by this product. Spend your money on this after you OBJECTIVELY review if it is indeed meant for your skin type and what degree of success it is to be expected on your skin/hair. If you are fair skinned and have darker hairs, expect miracles. Just over a certain amount of time, dedication and persistence.

I will be back at some point with some updates, but for now I hope I was able to help you make a decision.

Much love fellow Hair Haters.


It has now been almost 2 years since I started using this product. It has never malfunctioned or let me down. It hasn't stopped working, reduced its battery life or stopped being effective.